Miracles Come

Miracles Come

When we truly listen, we will hear the testimonies of people who have seen God move in miraculous ways in their lives. We may wonder why they were given such vivid examples of God´s power and providence. God works in mysterious ways, but God also loves for His children to grow their awareness of His presence and power. He knows how frail of creatures we are and is graciously waiting to reveal Himself until we are ready. He will not open our eyes before our hearts are tuned intently enough unto His. He will not show us His glory until we stand so close to Him that He will be able to sustain us and protect us from such piercing light. So, although each of us has the opportunity to see God at work in us or around us, only a few people will try to walk so closely with Him that He can reveal His greater miracles. If we care to increase our faith to a level where God can demonstrate His power and presence, then we should do what is necessary in our hearts to prepare ourselves for that intense of a relationship with Him. It will be well worth it! Let us start working on that relationship right now!


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