A Psalm for Today

Psalm 4:8

In a world gone mad with such diversity and possibility, the word peace comes to us as a strange and foreign word. It is a word we use to describe something that few of us ever really feel. It is a word that we try to use out of context to say that perhaps a country is not actively at war with another. But in all actuality, peace hardly describes anything more than a beautiful picture of how we would like things to be. This could be said about how we use the word peace except when we turn the word towards God. Once we bring the Lord into the picture we finally have hope that peace could actually bring the fulfillment of its promise. This would be because when we use the word peace and tie it to the God of all possibilities, we take the word away from the grip of this world that is spinning out of control. We lift up into heavenly realms the very word that describes things as they should be. In the capable hands of the Almighty God, nothing is out of control. We can heave a huge sigh of relief. Rest comes to the restless. Hope comes to the hopeless. Peace comes to those who know no peace when God is presiding over His creation! So, if we would like to know what peace is today, forget trying to look around at our frantic world. Let us lift our eyes above the heavens! Let us focus our gaze upon God and ask Him to show us what peace will mean to us when we know that He is in control!


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