Turn, Seek, and Find

Turn, Seek, and Find

Sometimes Christians talk about turning to God, seeking God, and finding God but we use the terms lightly. We use the term “turn”, to describe a person who has seen that their actions were not too pure. We use the word “seek” to mean that the person walked into a church or picked up a Bible to read a little. We use the word “find,” to say that this person went so far as to declare that they are now going to be called Christians. As important as these first steps or general concepts may be, they do not mean that anyone has actually gone through with what the words really mean. Turning is proved over time when the life one sought before is gone and the only life that matters now is the one being lived each day with the Savior! Seeking is an action done by a hungry heart that cannot get enough of the Lord and will forever seek more of Him! Finding God is not the ending result of our actions, but rather the greatest beginning available to mankind! To find God means that all of a sudden all the horizons and limitations have vanished and the astonished finder realizes that it will take an eternity to discover all the wonders of the Divine that are now looming into view! Let us all pray today that we may turn, seek, and find so much more than we ever have before!


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