A Psalm for Today

Psalm 7:9

There are some people who are just so simple and down to earth that you just got to love them. They are people who do not build up a great image for others to see. They are simply being who they are. If our hearts can go out to this kind of people and if we like to be around them, then imagine how our Father in Heaven feels about them too. There are many passages in the Bible that tell us plainly that this is how God likes His children to be. Sadly though, so many of us often do try to hide ourselves and attempt to only show what we consider are our better qualities. It is like we are trying to convince ourselves of our worth when all along the Lord is asking us to just be ourselves and in that, our worth will be found. We should remember that any heart that goes out to God, any heart that would mingle with Christ until it feels for things as God feels, is purified and cherished by God. If it humbles us and pleases us to think that the Lord is searching our hearts and sees where we are truly leaning, then we may come near to Him. He is looking for genuine souls that look to Him!


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