Spend Time

Spend Time

All the books and the experts will teach us of the necessity to spend good quality time with the ones we love. They will go further than that and teach us that even our relationships with colleagues at work or school will improve if we work on them and get to know them. This is such common knowledge that one would think we do not need to hear it anymore. We should all be well informed and experts on the subject. Yet we still need to be reminded often. When it comes to our relationship with God, this simple truth stands out. Those who take the time will testify to the results. We often overlook our need to turn and seek out our moments with the Lord. We forget to work on our relationship, to walk together, to learn first-hand as we engage with Him in the quiet moments. Let us pray today that we will see our need to improve our intimacy with our Savior and find more time for Him! That way, we will be investing in the greatest relationship of our lives!


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