A Psalm for Today

Psalm 7:10

So many people struggle through each and every day, not ever realizing that it does not have to be so. Life is difficult sometimes and pain, loss, and troubles will come to everyone alive. But there are a few people that have found a Way to keep a smile on their faces even when it seems that the world is falling down around us. These special people are not stronger than the rest of us because of some superpower of their own. They have learned the secret power of placing their troubles into the stronger hands of God. Those who do not know God will sneer at these people. They will refuse to accept their testimony. But their lack of faith does not change the fact that those who trust in God and put their lives into His hands have a hope welling up inside of them. While the others sneer and struggle, the heart that looks up is lifted up. Our Savior will take care of us in His strength and when He knows the time is right. The best self-help anyone of us could find today is making a Friend that can and will work wonders in our life! Let´s get to know the Lord even better today, and leave our troubles with Him!


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