No Half-Hearted

No Half-hearted

Oh, so many times we turn to God, but when we do, we only turn half of our desire or our heart to Him. We keep for ourselves half a heart that is only looking out for itself. This is easy to detect if we truly want to see it. But it is next to impossible to see if we want to hide it from ourselves. If we secretly want to have our way and are only approaching the Lord because we see that we need His help to gain what it is that has truly caught our eye, then there is no way on earth that we will come to terms with it. This is where true repentance comes in. If we seek it, our eyes will be opened. If we choose not to look too deeply into our motives, then sadly we will continue to lie to ourselves. We will tell our hearts that they belong completely to God, while deep down we just want to get our way, keep all our possessions, and cling to our gifts. Christ has paid a heavy price so that this interior battle does not need to continue. He has become the Way for us to finally be free from our own selfishness and deceit. Shall we pray that the Spirit will come so close to us now that we will see where our hearts truly lean?


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