The Mark

Revelation 13:17

When they brought the baby back it had a tag on its arm. Mommy was still weak from the delivery and very tired. But she had a similar band and the code written on the baby was to make sure that this mother would leave the hospital with the right baby. In a day and age where barcodes and digital codes rule our world, we should know more than any other age that a mark could mean the difference. Many years ago it was prophesied that a mark or a code would one day be the norm. What mark is there that we would like to have?

This crazy world, of commerce, capitalism, and buy-and-sell gives us the perfect picture of prophecy coming true. Our lives are full of passport numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, and codes. We merely show our card to a machine or pass our phones before a receptor and our purchases are made. Marks, codes, and digital fingerprints are everywhere and embrace nearly the whole globe completely. We pay tribute to commerce. We pay our respects to technology. If we would buy and sell nowadays, it will be by having our part with this age. But there still remains a different mark that should concern us. There is a people set aside. We are not talking about people who refuse certain currencies. But rather, we are referring to a select, if not a small group of people who would concern themselves first to the Lord. These precious souls are not worrying about the price, the method. They just need to know their hearts belong to God. From the moment they wake to the moment they fall asleep, their concern is to know and to love their Savior who is not from here! Is that the mark we seek today?


Dear Lord,

Regardless of whatever mark any beast would have us seek, give us a sign that we truly turn to You and seek You in our lives, we pray!



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