Wisdom of the Number

Revelation 13:18

On the highway between where a certain family lived and where they traveled to each holiday season to visit their relatives, was an off-ramp with only the number 666 written on the sign. The family had heard that this is the number of the devil and sometimes this gave them a fleeting reminder or an uneasy feeling. However, much closer to their home there was another off-ramp that actually had given them trouble. Twice they had lost power to their engine and had to change their travel plans due to the engine breakdown in the exact same off-ramp. Have we ever wondered over the wisdom or the secret of the number?

Usually, when mention is made of the number ascribed to the evil one, there is some wise man who will tell us how their calculations show who the beast really is so that we can be scared. Just like the family driving down the road, our concern does not need to fall on only one off-ramp. We need to focus on our eternal safety first! We need to concentrate on whether we are navigating well and traveling closely following our true Guide. Christ is the only One who has complete clarity into spiritual matters. And, although there are many experts, we need to focus upon Him! Any time spent in diving deep into darker themes may well be time wasted when what we do know is that we should be sharpening our senses to see where the Lord is moving and not His adversary. So, when we read today of beast and doom, let´s take great care to focus on our narrow road and see our journey with the Savior safely come to His chosen destination!


Dear Lord,

Instead of showing us the beast, show us our Savior! Let us wisely choose to devote ourselves to seeking and walking with the You alone! Don´t let us get distracted and stay ever so close to us all throughout our entire journey Home, we pray!



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