Change for a Believer

When a believer in Christ talks of change, the Holy Spirit is effecting that change in the believer´s heart.  Many times we pray to God to change our situation in life. We are struggling with something that is too much for us, so, we call on the Lord. Often, God does come to the rescue and helps us with our problems. But, for the true believer, there is always a change that comes first to us. Some part deep within us turns itself over to the Lord. By looking for and then leaning upon our Savior, we change from being wayward souls and take steps closer to God and further in our journey home to Him. Each trial and every struggle can help us seek this change. With a perseverance that the Spirit will provide, our lives can continue to transform until Christ has us completely, heart, and soul. This is what a real believer wants and it is what we could pray for today too!


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