No Matter How Impossible

When we have been struggling to overcome our problems and are not succeeding, then we may reach a point where we realize that our efforts are futile. Our strength is not enough. This is when we turn to God. We ask for Divine intervention. We ask for help. This is not the time for despair because it is the Holy Spirit who brought us to this point. We might have saved a lot of pain by seeking the Lord first. But for whatever reason, at least we reach this turning point. A turn from us to Christ is always the Way to go! Once we truly place our concerns in the Savior´s capable hands, then the miracles begin. God is now able to move into our awareness and free to work His wonders. There is no limit to the power of the Almighty. So long as we hand over our troubles and leave them to Him, we have nothing to worry about. We are in good hands! Let us pray that we may place more of our lives in God´s care and prepare ourselves to see the power of the Lord displayed in our lives!


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