Our Heart´s Home Is God

If you believe that chaos or an explosion magically created us, then you are left without a very big Friend. The human is many things but one quality sets us apart. We possess the ability to think and reason. We weigh a lot of different things and also choose not to dig into others. An observant person will see that the heart of man is usually seeking something. Philosophers and those who think are desperately in search of answers that will satisfy them and put their hearts at ease. Many think they find an angle on something, but their unrest may continue throughout their lifetimes. We too will struggle in this life to find a direction and some peace of mind. But, the only known peace is the God of Love. Lesser gods, processes, or conclusions won´t do. Only the all-merciful, all-forgiving, all-sacrificing God of Heaven will provide us with true peace. In Him, all our questions do not need answers because He wraps His all-powerful arms around us and we are safe forever. What we could pray for today is an open heart that finds wonderful and unlimited peace in the presence and care of our Loving Father.


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