After a Spiritual High

Nearly everyone has had some special moments in their lives where they felt the power of God touch them or the presence of the Divine. These experiences can leave us reeling for some time. They shape our spiritual tone and awareness of God. Perhaps our experience came through an answer to prayer. Sometimes they come through a moving song or sermon. A vision of the love, care, and providence of God can come through a sunrise, a sunset, or even a storm. Disasters can also leave us humbled and in awe of our frailness and God´s unlimited strength. Other times God´s presence can be felt in the touch of a pure soul, the gift of birth, or the mystery of death. Whatever the case, what we do when we realize that we have had an encounter with the Divine will decide for us how much we have gained through it all. If we immediately let our hearts go back to their worldly routines and distraction, we gain little. If these moments drive us to seek a place where we can be with the Lord, then they have found their intended potential. Let us forever seek a higher awareness and the more vivid experiences with the Lord. And when they come, let us immediately go to God through them as our Savior did before us!  (Matthew 14:23)

Where do you go after reaching a high point in your Christian life? Jesus went to pray.  Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby (Experiencing God Day By Day)


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