Babylon Fallen


Another, a second angel, followed, saying, “Babylon the great has fallen, which has made all the nations to drink of the wine of the wrath of her sexual immorality.”  Revelation 14:8  WEB

European televisions nearly all interrupted their daily broadcastings to cover the unfolding story of the terrorist attack on the USA. Repeatedly they played the images of the Twin Towers billowing with smoke and the plane crashing into it. Everyone was dumbfounded. Nobody could believe their eyes and ears. At first, nobody knew how this could be or why. Some people vocalized speculations but everyone was confused. This disastrous day would surely mark history, but what would the outcome be? Could Babylon the Great have fallen as Scriptures foretold?

Babylon was a great empire long ago but nowadays it is lost in the pages of history. Whatever its influence on this earth was, today it can only be found in stories or myths. Prophecy keeps us waiting for yet another Babylon to fall. The experts will give you their take on what this later empire is. But, let us remember that the Bible can speak and often does, using metaphors and instructing on different levels. Remembering this we may see that anything great that we have come to count on as always being here could vanish like the nation of old. Lately, we have lost the great privilege of leaving our house without a facemask. This privilege is something we never would have thought would have fallen away so easily. So, as we ponder God´s word, let us lean on the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit instead of counting on the great pillars of society that we know will soon fall too!

Dear Lord,

Keep us prayerful and open to You as we watch the prophecies unfold. Help us lean on You for our sight and not on the empires we often think could never fall.Amen


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