More to Come


There comes a day in the life of any believer when a light flashes over them with a surprising awareness of the presence of God. This bewildering reality of the nearness of the Almighty will thrill us to the core and leave us undone and reeling at the same time. From that moment the joyful encounters may begin. Each moment spent with the Lord may bring exciting and even touching revelations of the love, mercy, and grace that flows so strongly to us from above. The paradox is this, that whatever heights one can achieve in their intimate walk with Christ, there awaits so much more. Heaven and earth cannot contain our God and He has reserved the rest of eternity to thrill us with discovery after marvelous discovery. There are beings who stand before the throne and constantly declare His power to dazzle and surprise with His limitless wonder. Oh, how privileged we are to be offered the chance to draw near and adore the Unfathomable!


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