Concept Or Cure

Some people struggle with trying to convince ourselves or others of belief in God and His Son Jesus Christ. Endless hours and even lifetimes can be wasted in the effort only to have cold theoretical ideas to show for their efforts. But then, there are others who have dropped their notions of brain-deep concepts. They sensed an eternally empty part of their souls and when they came to know Christ, they opened their hearts to Him. As awareness of His love and movement began to overwhelm them, they were blown away with the splendor of His presence. Coming to know the Savior is more amazing than we can explain. Experiencing the presence of God in our lives cures us like nothing else and gives us the Son of God to walk with through every step we take in life!

God´s Word is not an appeal to the reasoning mind of man.  It is a matter to be taken into the heart and soul.  A.W. Tozer (Jesus, Our Man in Glory)


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