The More We Invest

Get up, say a quick prayer and rush off to get started with our busy day will give us a little touch of a walk with the Lord. We may hardly call it a walk anyway, but at least we have thought of our God. However, there are some who plan their lives a little more carefully. The schedule time to be with their Savior. They need to be alone with Christ. They seek out time to talk with the Holy Spirit. They invest their efforts and their time so that their walk is not just a moment, but something more lasting. If they can get their heart close enough to that of their Lord´s, they can keep that sensation of His presence with them even as they get up from their knees. Their minds return to think of Him more often throughout their day. They remember to include Him in more of their decisions and relationships. The heart that remains close to the Lord all through the day finds more and more moments to share with their King and talk with Him. Don´t we think that hearts that tune themselves this intently to their God are greatly pleasing to Him? Let us ask the Lord for hearts that are burning for a closer walk with Christ so that we will be increasingly blessed by His presence each day!


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