He who sat on the cloud thrust his sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped.  Revelation 14:  WEB

In the tiny European town where the man was raised the man went every year to help his family with reaping the grapes. It was hard work and a lot to do. But it was such the custom that people would take time off of their jobs in the city to go back where they grew up to help. From dawn to dusk they would work together to make sure that all the grapes were harvested with proper care and timing. It was also a time of joy and celebration. Even though the work was strenuous, the joy of having the harvest brought in filled the hearts of everyone involved. Do our hearts feel anything when we consider the Lord bringing in the harvest of all the hearts that belong to Him?

In Matthew 13 the Lord also speaks of the harvest when God reaps the earth and brings in those who have set their hope in Him. It will be a time of great joy for the angels and our Heavenly Father who has been preparing for us to live together with Him. However, this harvest of endearing souls that have chosen life in Christ over chasing after the world far overshadows the yearly harvest in rural towns. This glorious day all of God´s beloved children will see the face of their Father! The fruit of all of God´s work in restoring hearts and souls to their rightful place with Him will finally be completed! This is a day to look forward to anxiously! This is a day which we should long for too! Pray that our hearts become ripe with love for the Lord so that the harvest comes soon and we are gathered in!

Dear Lord,

Please make our hearts ready to be brought into Your presence and let there be rejoicing when Your family is finally all together, we pray!



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