Embrace the Chance

Troubles come to everyone. It is part of living in a world fallen away from God. But this is not what God intends for us. He is working on the most incredible plan, one that goes a lot higher than we can imagine. His plan is to draw those who choose up and beyond all this strife that we have learned to call life here on earth. What looks like to us here now is heartaches and struggles. But, Christ was sent from above to lift our eyes above it all. He says that if we can place our hope in Him and come to know Him and His ways, then our future is secure. We will rise to horizons no man has ever seen. So, if we would let them, our troubles today can drive us closer to our Savior. If we need Him enough and seek Him urgently enough in our day, then we will see the power of God displayed! Let us take this great opportunity and let the miracles begin!


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