The World Wants

Not so many years ago it was reasonably well-looked on to believe in God. Respected members of the community were held in high regard for their Christian standards. Their belief in God taught them to strive for honesty, sincerity, and a charitable state that benefitted all those around them. But the world is gaining strength. It tends to more selfish ends and gains. It does not have the same high standards and hates it when someone else looks more honorable than it does. So, the world attacks and hates all those who love God. It does not want people caring and sharing because it makes the evil world look worse. If it can prove that there are poorer qualities in even a Christian than it justifies itself. Also, a heart that lifts its affections above the world and sets them on the God of love no longer follows the crowd. They are rebels to our society and stop worshipping the pleasures of our times. So, the world will work along with every dark notion and power. Together they will try to deter anyone from letting their hearts hope in a Savior from above.  No proof is necessary. Just look at the hatred felt towards anyone these days who dares to say they believe in Jesus. But, for the hope placed before us, some will still stand to face the scorn. Pray that we are among the blessed few. God will pour His love upon us!


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