With God Forever

The infinitely wise Creator of all life effectively brought our universe into being using incredible foresight and power. There are fantastic planning and care that went into our tiny planet and ecosystem. Miraculously all the variables and all that would jeopardize our existence have been meticulously dealt with to keep our race alive. All that God has done has been for a reason. It may surprise us because we are such a wayward race. We always turn away from God, forget Him, and go about our own lives as if we put ourselves here out of our own wit. But His reason was so that we could enjoy Him and He could enjoy an intimate relationship with us. To this end, He even sent His only dear Son to be the greatest sacrifice that anyone could ever conceive of. This loss turns into the gain for all inside of the Lord´s wonderful plan. We can come before the Almighty! We can come before God! We can begin a relationship that will only grow from now to eternity! Let´s throw ourselves into His embrace with all our hearts!

We were made for God, to worship and admire and enjoy and serve Him forever.  A.W. Tozer (Jesus, Our Man in Glory)


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