What We Bow To

The very thing that brought us to consider having an eternal future with the Almighty God often gets lost to us soon after. We set our feet down the paths to becoming a Christian and must first come to terms with the cross of Jesus. But as our education grows and as our hearts start to go out to all the rest that Christian life entails these days, we often lose this direct connection we had to Christ and His cross. The Savior was the One single key that tied us to salvation and to our Father in Heaven. But we trade that off for all the other things that are being offered to us. We lose touch with the Savior as we try to clean up our living standards or our doctrines. We focus on a million aspects of Christianity and get lost on details when all the while, Jesus is there waiting for us. There is so much in religion that falls short of walking personally with the Lord. Let us pray today that we can get back to where we bow breathlessly before the presence of the Divine! Let us come again to Jesus like it is the first time and know we need Him alone to bring us home! Let us go to the cross each day so that we will be near the Savior and He can walk us through carrying our own crosses closely in on His footsteps!


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