We have heard of the Way, the Truth, and the Light. This is said when referring to Jesus Christ. The Way is a path to follow. The Way is what leads us safely home. The Way is what all men will need to know to reach their destiny in the arms of our Heavenly Father. If we understand this and if our hearts leap up in agreement, then to Christ is where we should go. We should get as familiar with Him as we can. We can read up on Him and should as much as possible. But the mission does not stop there. We will need to establish and then maintain a daily walk with Him. As an intelligent entity, this is a growing process. This rises from the most basic communication between us and our Lord to the most intimate and satisfying interaction of our entire beings. To be able to follow our Savior, we will need to grow so close to Him that we are aware of His movement and His desires in every given moment. This is not the kind of Christianity that many people know today. This kind of complete connection between God and man has to be sought, cultivated daily, and lived through by every single believer who would call themselves truly His. Let´s pray that we get into the Way now like we truly want to be with Christ.


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