What Religion Should Be

If our focus was on getting our hearts open enough to come into the very presence of God and to be filled with His Spirit every day, then our religion would be quite different. We would not be so hung up on doctrines because we would not waste precious time. Love would be in all that we say and do because our hearts leaning God-ward would well up from the love we find in Him. God´s mercy, His grace, His forgiveness would be seen in us because they are what we see in Him. Rules and regulations, looking sideways at others, all sorts of by-products of religion would not have so much place because of the room we are making for God to be here with us in EVERYTHING! We would look more like Jesus as He went around healing, teaching, and giving Himself to save the hearts of those who could come to God. We would resemble our Savior instead of the earthly-oriented people who put Him to death. Let us pray that what people see in us is that our eyes and those of our hearts are looking upward to the very presence of God.


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