Anyone Who Dares to Come

You can be a believer of God for many years and lead a somewhat normal life, but the moment you have a true encounter with the Lord, you will find yourself overwhelmed. It is not just an expression or words people say. It is an actual response testified to by those who have suffered such a moment. We can talk our whole lives about the greatness of God or His righteousness. But when that Brilliance breaks through into our conscious awareness, the mortal man cannot stand. Fear grips the heart. One is left feeling so utterly small and unworthy. God´s presence so far surpasses any imagination that the humbled worshipper realizes that if God´s face is not shielded from them, they will not be able to survive. Godly men from the pages of History fell to their faces. And our encounter would be the same. Yet, no matter how terrifying and life-changing, there is nothing our hearts could want more! We must press on or give up the race altogether. Those who do will become the children of God. We can be His people. But we must choose Him over a comfortable and distant knowledge. Dare to approach the Lord, we won´t be sorry!


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