The Bigger God

If we put any limitation on our God and say that this is too much for him, then that god is not the Almighty. If we say that he cannot see or does not know, then we do not refer to the Alpha and the Omega. If we try to say that he doesn´t care, then we are not speaking of the God of Love. If we make anything less of Christ, God´s Son, then we have no real Savior at all. But, if we lift up our eyes in wonder, if we lift our hearts in hope, if we believe deep in our souls even though the world will scoff at us, then ours is the Kingdom of Heaven. Our King, our Lord, our God is the One! He is from before beginnings. Our God is the one who holds the constellations in all their majesty within His hands. To His voice all creation bows down to worship. At His command, all things come to be. The bigger we make our God, the closer we are to the One who rules it all!


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