He Came To Us

People will scoff at the simple Christian´s faith in God. They will refuse to believe that an Almighty Being could cut through the barriers of known science. They laugh in God´s face and say that it would be too much for Him. Darkness crowds their hearts and blinds their eyes to hope, to awe, and to trust in what we cannot see. But, for the hope set before us, some will bow before an altar that we cannot fathom. Some of us will turn to a God that we cannot see with the eyes of faith and an open heart. Some of us will press forward to know a love that great. Some of us will nod our heads in agreement with their arguments, but at the same time, throw open our arms towards heaven. We will say, “You, our Lord, know what can and cannot be!” We will trust, as they do in their studies, but ours will be in the character of God. Our hearts will leap up when He says that He came through all the impossibilities to be us. We will let ourselves get excited and feel undone when we contemplate such love. Then, we will spend the rest of our earthly days seeking to know Him and walk with the Savior who came to us in swaddling clothes!


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