A Season of Christ

We who are living now in this modern age, have somehow lost sight of our Savior Jesus Christ. Our world is experiencing turns of events where even the doors to churches have been closed. Modern thought and practice place the followers of Christ in the category of fanatics and the old-fashioned. Amid our complacency, it is hard to find a soul that still recognizes an ache deep inside that desires nothing less than the Savior. These suffering hearts know that the world will never love Christ and that dark times must come where tragically few will remain faithful. But their hearts concern themselves less on what is happening around them because they are so focused on finding and being with the Lord. They will, out of burning desire and necessity, seek Christ with all their soul. They will need Him in their day, right next to them, and in everything, they do and think. We too could seek to be with our Lord and Savior! Could we seek to have Christ right here with us through this season too!


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