Follow the Star of Jesus

Mankind seems to have reached a point where we can idolize a story of a few men long ago who were willing to follow a star to find the Savior. But for as much as we may like the story, our hearts are far from doing any such thing. We are oh, so far from being willing to leave our comfort zones nor feel any need to seek anyone to save us. We are happy with Christmas decorations and songs of a baby, but nothing so awkward as us needing anything from Him. But maybe it is not too late for us! Maybe, just maybe, we could get into the spirit of the real celebration! Maybe that little miracle that came to us could still be something worth seeking. Maybe we could get off our lazy rear ends and actually set out to find Him! Let us pray that even now the Lord has reserved a few souls that will respond to His call! Let us pray that we too, can be among them! Pray that we will set out to follow the star that leads us to Jesus! Pray that we will endure any length of journey and every deterrence for the joy set before us! Let us draw nearer to our Savior each day! Let Christ be our focus this season and for all those to come!


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