The Reason for the Season

We may get a good feeling when we talk about Christ in the Christmas season. It is a time full of sentiments and it is great to talk of all the giving and sharing that goes on. But, it is so easily turned into everything other than a real connection between us and the Savior. No matter how lofty the sensation or how endearing the moments are, we are often easily swept away with preparations, countless other concerns, or people to engage with. Christ, the very reason for celebrating, is effortlessly passed by into a second-row or forgotten in the hustle and bustle. This year, we could pray for an honest re-encounter with Him. We could ask that the real gift we get is more of Him in our day and in our lives. We could ask the Father above to give us a Gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and on into eternity. We could ask to walk through every moment and live every experience together with our Lord! Let us pray that the central focus, the very reason to live, is to be together with our dearest Friend from now on!


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