What Money Cannot Buy

Almost every human being alive struggles with the desire to have more money or success. Some people can fool themselves into thinking they don´t, but if we are honest enough we will find it there. Money is necessary and even the most devoted follower of Christ lives in a world that runs by it. We cannot shrug off our responsibility to it and become a burden on others. But we also do not need to become slaves to it. Christ offers us unlimited and unimaginable rewards if we would turn to Him instead of chasing after the things of this world. However, each of us must choose. All the while we are seeking gain here in earthly profit, we must take our eyes off of the Lord. Fooling ourselves will not hide our heart´s true desires from God. The true follower of Christ will take this matter very seriously and never permit anything to steal priority away from their walk with the Lord. If they find their eyes or their hearts have strayed away from their walk with the Savior, they will run to their knees and plead to have their relationship restored and their heart cleansed. Shall we set our souls on seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and leave all the rest for those who did not choose Christ as their reward?


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