Won´t Settle for Less

There are believers in God that will not settle for what we have already found of Him. They will drive harder after Christ to reach heights that nobody else is trying to reach! They do not reach some comfortable plain where many Christians try to live with their nominal beliefs and doctrines. These peculiar people will form a new nation within the Kingdom of God. They will be called the children of God. These are the ones that it is said that will replace those who thought they had their seat at the Father´s table but were not sufficiently driven to maintain their need and love for Him. We could be part of this curious tribe. We could be the ones who will not sit back comfortably and say amen. We could get infected with an aching heart that cannot live or breathe without the promise of a closer walk. We could press so hard after the Lord that we can sense the presence of God. We could hunger and thirst for the movement of the Holy Spirit. We could be the ones who will not settle for less. All we have to do is choose Christ over all the other goals that men will chase! Let us pray for the greatest quest of our lives to begin today!


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