Show You

One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke with me, saying, “Come here. I will show you the judgment of the great prostitute who sits on many waters,  Revelation 17:1  WEB

The last big expense to pay for the new house was the heating and air. When the family finally had it installed, there was something wrong with it. It was winter and the house didn´t quite get warm. So when the technician came for his money, the father of the house explained the problem and asked the technician to use his greater understanding to fix it. But the man just wanted his money and didn´t appreciate anyone doubting his expertise. In the end, the father got mad. He did not disrespect the man but he showed his anger and was not a good Christian example. Have we ever needed anyone to show us that we are still very much a part of the world?

The father was disappointed in his poor behavior but it wasn´t until the next morning when he woke up to pray and study the Bible that he was shown the nature of the beast. Then, the Spirit showed him where his heart had been. He had been focusing on protecting his family from being taken advantage of. But he learned that he had not sought God´s Spirit to move in him and direct His words. We have many things in life to deal with. But none of these things ever need to be done alone. God wants us to seek Him BEFORE the other things. If, and when we do, we will not be so worldly with our reactions. If we look to the Lord, He will show us how to act, how not to lose our temper, and how to care. Let´s ask God for the strength to walk so closely with Christ that we reflect His nature and not just ours?

Dear Lord,

Forgive us when we stumble and look only at our world. Help us to see where You are leading, and how to follow, we pray!



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