Can´t Afford to Neglect

We worry about so many things and race through our day dealing with aspirations and crises. But the one single thing that we cannot afford to miss is working on our walk with the Lord. It is something that we must invest in. We must invest time, sentiment, adoration, gratitude, and communication. We should strive to learn more of Him. We should attempt to grow the bond that we share. God has gone much further than we have in investing in this sweet relationship. What remains is for us to seek Him with a similar desire. We could cut other aspects of our day out, but to remove our dealings with God is to hurt us where it matters most. We could even sacrifice breathing before losing this blessed nearness to our Savior. As long as we are with Him, our eternal health is secure. Let us pray that we put Christ first in all that we do! Let´s ask for Divine help in getting our priorities straight while we can!


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