The Best Friend

They may think they are being smart. They may think that Christians are foolish people judging by their strange notions and practice. But the person who takes confidence in this world and refuses to give God a chance to break through all the barriers and show Himself to them is missing out on more than words can say. They maybe fear having their hopes shattered one day and that God never proves to be real. But those who have weighed the costs and have let their hearts open to God to come in and make His home with them will know. They will testify to His nearness, His infinite goodness, and His powerful presence.  The Friend they find in a loving Savior that was willing to die out of love for them is priceless. That He would go so far as the cross for stubborn and arrogant people like us, is amazing. Yet, He did. And by doing so, Christ became the best Friend we could ever have. He has triumphed over the grave, over all that is evil, and made a way for an endless future with Him. With a powerful, caring Friend like that by our side, we can stand to face any storm that this world throws at us. With the Son of God taking our burdens on His shoulders, we can endure any trial and every setback. Take the chance today to be filled with the Spirit from above and we will have the most pleasing relationship available to us. It will be far above understanding and imagination. We will place ourselves within reach of a relationship with the ever-present and Almighty God!.


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