The Journey

Each day we have a choice. We can remain here in the mire where we toil. We can even continue spending frivolously the inheritance that our Father graciously gave us. Or, we can embark on the great journey Home. We can set our faces into the winds. They will surely blow against us because darkness will never give up lightly one that was once deceived into chasing the distractions of this world. But no matter how impossible it may seem for us to change. Christ holds out His hand and calls to us. He paid dearly for our ticket home. He suffered Himself to make our return possible. So if we can see our miserable state, and if we can get our heart´s consent, then we can turn. We can set our hearts to the journey. We can lift our eyes and think not of the miles or struggle. We can set our hope on that loving embrace. Let us pray today that we will get up, get going, and let nothing stand in the way of our return!


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