Not Looking For God

There are still some people left in this world who say that they believe in God. The current trends are to down-play God. But there are still some circles where His name is used and religious people who claim to belong to Him. However, we were warned that these days would come and that if they had not been shortened, then nobody would be left who knew anything at all about Him. So a thoughtful person would do well to wonder. We might want to examine carefully just how deep our beliefs lie. Even if we have devoted our lives to following a fine Christian doctrine, it may be time to seek a spark. True faith will never settle us into a comfortable line of faith or way of living. The kind of faith that moves mountains and calls miracles down from Heaven is the kind that is on fire for the Lord. If we are not actively seeking the Wonder that is our God, then we will tread along following whatever crowd we have been following. But, a burning heart, a stricken soul, a person who just has to see God tearing the curtain and altering our dull existence, this kind of faith will see the hand of the Lord. Prepare for miracles! Get ready to be blown away! Let´s pray that we will look to the Almighty in such a Way that He will be pleased to bewilder us again today!


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