God´s Nature to Speak

All through the Bible, we get the impression that God wants to convey His thoughts, His wishes, and His care to us. Many times we read those words or hear of them and say, “Hmmm.” It is like we think that the Lord spoke those things long ago to people who needed to hear them. We secretly think that the things we learn of Him were intended for someone else. So we build His words into doctrines that we use in the construction of our denominations and church theology. We rarely stop to see that Christ is called the Word and the Scriptures are called the Living Word. Although messages were given and important to people in the past, the message that they contain today is ours! God is still speaking in so many ways. We should never limit the Bible to meaning only for other people at other times. We need to learn to read ourselves into the stories and instructions. Then we will learn to hear God´s voice in the world around us, speaking through nature, the words of others, the soft voice of the Holy Spirit, and of course the Son of God Himself. Let´s make it our mission today to have ears to hear!


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