We can go our whole lives wishing we were stronger, smarter, or wealthier. But when we let our hearts dwell on these things and yearn for them, we are wasting our time. We do not see with the eyes of God. Everything in this life is just passing. All that we experience will either lead us to the Lord or further away from Him. No matter how bad something may seem, if it brings us closer to Christ, works for our ultimate good. The bad in it is not so bad because it turns us from us to God. It makes us need Him, look for Him, and turn more fully to Him! With Him is where we should be. So drop all our things, let go of them, we don´t need them! We need what they bring us to, the Lord! So, when we are taking account of where we stand today, let us realize that there is ground to be gained, and it will be to the glory of God if we get even one step closer to Him!


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