For God has put in their hearts to do what he has in mind, and to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God should be accomplished. Revelation 17:17 WEB

They were going to travel overseas to visit family, so they started making their travel plans. They bought tickets and then started to organize the visas. But then the trouble began. First, they were tricked by a website that looked like the official visa page. By the time they realized the deception, too much money had already been lost. The next surprise came when the visa was denied. Changes in government policy now made it impossible for them to travel. They were not allowed to see and spend time with their loved ones. Do we ever feel like this world is being manipulated by some dark forces?

It is. Our world has been handed over to greed, selfishness, hunger for power, and all kinds of devious intentions. God, in His wisdom, knew what was in the heart of man. We are told that there are other beings are looking on as well. He has a plan to do away with evil. He plans to set up His Kingdom with only that what is good, full of love, and righteousness. But to do away with evil, He must also be just. He must put away with all that is bad, but in a way that shows the world, and all other worlds, that it needed to be done and done right. We can set our hearts upon God and His goodness. We can count on His ability to accomplish His marvelous plan. Our faith in Him ties us into that plan and draws us closer to His favorable outcome. Let´s pray for what is in God´s heart to be done real soon! Let´s pray that He will soon have all His children back in His arms and out from under the dark powers that have ruled us for so long!

Dear Lord,

Speed along Your plan to save us! Come and rescue from this dark world and bring us into Your Kingdom real soon, we pray!



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