Stay Hungry

Hunger after the Lord is almost completely a dead art. The prophets of old sensed their desperate need for God and were sufficiently moved to go after Him until He was all they had. In attaining an intimate walk with the Lord, the men of God before us had more than they needed. They found the source of all wealth, wisdom, and power. In God, they found a shelter and a home. They knew that with the Lord was where they needed to be and nothing on earth was going to keep them away from His all-consuming, all-fulfilling presence. Not even the threat of death would hinder their hungry souls. They trembled before the presence of God, but no place on earth could compare. We do not know hunger like that anymore. We sit back with our comfortable beliefs and never give thought to the heart´s deeper yearnings. Why don´t we wake up and realize that nothing will ever satisfy our inner longings like being with our Savior! Let´s pray for the kind of hunger that will never settle for less of the Lord but always seek more!


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