The Wrong Path

So much of what we call lack of faith would turn into real faith if we could only focus a little more on the Lord. Whether we just let ourselves get distracted or if we have been cleverly deceived, it does not matter, the cure is the same. More of Christ in our lives is less of this world and all that it throws at us. More of the Savior means more victory in spiritual terms. Strength, direction, and assistance are available to us if we will turn more fully to Him. Those who are confused can rise up in hope. The weak can be made strong, not by their own strength, but by the power of the Lord. Temptation looms into our sight when distance creeps in between us and God. If we spent less time struggling with the world and more time walking with the Lord, then somehow every step brings us closer to Him. Let us pray now for a renewed walk with our Savior. Let us spend our days deliberately seeking Christ and in doing so we will be letting Him be next to us through it all!


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