Out of Billions of Galaxies

The more we look at space, time, and distance, the more humble we should feel. Thinking about such things makes us come to terms with how small and insignificant we are. It becomes overwhelmingly evident that our brains just cannot fathom the size of our universe. One man turns to science. He says that he will figure it all out. The other man turns to God. He lifts his hands and surrenders. This kind of person gazes upward in wonder. We have heard of love so immense, so improbably, so breath-taking, that we cannot take it all in. Yet, it is so beautiful to think, that Although God is too much to comprehend, our hearts go out to Him in hope. Out of a universe that we are unable to measure, God reaches out to us. He came to us. He walked with us. And He died for us so that we could come together again. If we cannot understand it, it is Okay. If it leaves us bewildered, that is great! If we are moved and humbled and awed to contemplate the God of wonder, let it be! We are the blessed ones who can look up and admit that we do not know it all, but that we would come to know Him, the God of Glories!


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