To Live In Anticipation

Not everyone these days is honest enough to admit that we do not live our lives expecting God to speak to us directly. Evil has won a great victory over the children of the Kingdom by deceiving us into believing that what we have is all God wants for us. It takes an advanced faith these days for us to see that The Lord is calling us to more. He would have us walking close enough to Him that we can see His hand actively guiding and protecting us. The Lord wants us to live in constant communion with Him. This has never meant that we say our little prayers and then go live our lives as best we can. No! When we get up off of our knees we need God with us more than we did when we were down on them. We need to carry the Lord with us each step throughout our day! We need Him in every thought, in every hope. While we are engaging in our busy lives we still need to be close to God, not just when we have isolated ourselves from it. Let us pray that our eyes are opened and our hearts sense that the Lord is near. If we want to live with the anticipation that God will move in our lives today, then let´s give Him the opportunity to do that now!


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