Prayer Is Our Privilege

People pray for any number of reasons. We should take note of this when we go to the Lord in prayer. If we go to God just because we were told that it is the thing we should do then it is easy to fall into a trap of just blurting out words or thoughts to Him. If we never really have our words directed to an intelligent being who we know is listening, we can go on for years or even a lifetime sending up little more than noise into space. But the person who has their heart opened to the thought of a real God, who hears, and is listening, has the greatest opportunity available to mankind. They can communicate their fears, worries, thanks, and adoration directly to the Great Unseen God! They do not have to tell another person and wait to have that other person do the communicating for them. But just as real as God hears their prayer, is the fact that He will respond to our prayers individually and directly. He can speak to us through other people´s words, through a song, through something written, or a million different means. It only takes the kind of heart that will listen for the soft whisper of the Spirit. God´s words come to those who are expecting their God to communicate back to them in a way that they will understand.


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