Why Pray

The Scriptures and history are full of examples of men and women who have learned the art of praying. Prayer demonstrates faith in God and in everything He says about Himself. It draws the worshipping soul up in spirit to a level where we cannot normally go. By this, we mean that speaking to God is a higher form of communication because the One we speak to is higher than anything we see here on earth. His power, His wisdom, and His love, all make our human concepts look like toys. We cannot think the thoughts of the creator of the universe. We cannot see into the spiritual or the eternal. We cannot comprehend the size or depth of wisdom that God needed to create even one simple cell. But we can come to know God and He will share His thoughts with us. Prayer is the direct channel through which we may walk with Him through each tiny step. It is a great privilege that we have been given, that we are allowed to speak to and listen to the instructions of the Almighty.


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