The Bible Gives Us God

The Bible is called the Written Word of God. In it, we will find all our answers to where we come from, what we are doing here, and where we are heading. It also teaches us how to conduct ourselves in a world of choices. It encourages us in every way to place more importance on God and receive from Him all the many benefits that the Book holds. It brings us to the knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It speaks of why He needed to come and save us from our tendency to wander away from God. It shows us the depth of our Heavenly Father´s love and how far He has always gone for each one of us. If we would speak to God, the better we know of Him, the better chance we will have of getting to know Him more personally. The more time we spend learning of Him, the more chance we are giving ourselves of opening up our hearts to let His Spirit enter our hearts and come to live within us.

A close and intimate walk is what the God of All the Universe has forever wanted to have with us. Let´s go as far as we possibly can to give Him just that! Pray for His help to take us much further than we ever dreamed we could with Him!


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