We Need the Holy Spirit

There is much speculation of Who or What the Spirit of God is. But just as the name implies, the Holy Ghost is not something that mankind can pick up, turn over, or manipulate with our hands. He is an intelligent Entity far more real than even we are. He is like the air that we do not see but keeps us alive and breathing. This unseen powerful Entity is forever calling us towards our Heavenly Father and leading our every step. With Him, all things are possible, and without Him we can do nothing. He is who shows us the Father and the Son. We need the Spirit of God when we pray. He intercedes for us. He helps us with what to say. He places in our hearts the thoughts God would share with us. And, He is constantly speaking to us. When they say God is never far from any of us, it is true. God is here right now. He has never left us for one second. He carries us when we don´t see Him. Let us pray that we come to a greater realization of our need to be filled with the Spirit. Then, when we are sufficiently overcome with that need, let us set out on the adventure of our lifetimes until the blessed day when He is finally at home inside our hearts to live and move us as He sees fit!


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