God Is Not Silent

We pray to a God we may not see, but we do not pray into empty space. Even though some people complain at times that it feels their prayers are lost or wasted. To correct that emptiness and self-pity, we only need to humble ourselves a little more. We need to realize our need for God and lean a little more on Him. Hope in God despite the impossibilities that the world will throw at us, is what lets God move in our hearts. When God does move, we will be amazed. When the curtain is pulled back and we are allowed to see that God has been right here all along, then we will be blown away! When God moves into our conscious reality, a light comes on inside our soul. We will know that we will never be alone again! We have the most powerful Friend, Guide, Helper, and God. We will have the opportunity to discover unlimited new treasures of Him every day! We can grow to know Him more and more. We can turn our first tiny and half-hearted prayers into the most meaningful conversation of our lives! We, mortal men and women, can and should learn to walk with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Let´s take whatever steps we need to today to speak to the Lord in prayer and begin a journey with Him that never needs to end.


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