A Moment In The Presence

We all do it. We have been taught to by the world and times we live in. we go chasing after all kinds of personal gain. We want the better education, so we set out to attain it. We feel the better job would be better for us, so we pursue it. We desire the hottest partner to love us, so we set out to make them ours. We chase money, cars, houses, and an endless list of gadgets and possessions. Balled all up, we want to best life. So we go after it day and night without stopping. Sometimes a person hears of God and decides to have that too. So they become the most devoted member of the church. But, if we could sit still long enough and get quiet enough, we would hear the Bible calling us to a different way of being. That still small voice whispers for us to come away from even our own nature. The Spirit calls for us to steal away and come in search of Him. He tells us of a secret joy that surpasses all that we chased before. He would have us come close to and be with the Lord! And one moment spent in the presence of God will fill a soul far more than all our other treasures heaped up! Let´s go after the better Prize!


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